What We Do

Right to Nationality and Citizenship Network (RNCN) aims to create awareness, campaign for and advocate for people’s right to nationality as a human right. The right to nationality enables people to have all other human rights. Citizenship is the gateway to enjoyment of rights. 

The RNCN aims to undertake documentation, research and communication, and campaign to increase awareness and conduct advocacy to prevent citizenship stripping and strengthen the right to nationality.

Right to nationality and citizenship is a basic human right of all people and RNCN commits to advocate for the upholding of this right in India. It also aims to strengthen the network by joining hands with other similar networks aiming to strengthen rights; and with groups of students, youth, lawyers; academic institutions and others concerned about rights. It particularly aims to encourage young people and students to express their ideas on citizenship and human rights.

Our work is divided into three key pillars:


Make appeals to the government to reform policies and uphold the basic rights of all individuals living in India, irrespective of their nationality through evidence-based interventions.


Produce and collate resources for public awareness and academic research on citizenship and nationality issues for deeper and broader understanding of the challenges amongst all stakeholders.


Collect quantitative and qualitative empirical data on citizenship exclusion, detentions and other related parameters through field surveys.