ASOTA Testimony: Kamrun Nessa

Kamrun Nessa was marked a ‘Doubtful Voter (D-Voter)’ and her name dropped from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam.

*All names and personal details have been changed or beeped to protect the survivors’ identity.spent three and a half years in a detention centre in Assam.

Q- What is your name?

A- My name is [BEEP].

Q- Where is your place of birth?

A- [BEEP].

Q- Can you recall any memorable incident regarding your place of birth?

A- When I had grown up a little I started playing, my mother used to go to [BEEP], she has taken care of us after my father died.

Q- Did your father die when you were very young?

A- Yes, he died in my childhood.

Q- When did you hear about NRC?

A- I heard about NRC when the names of many people appeared in NRC.

Q- Did your name appear in the final list?

A- No.

Q- How many of your family members’ names appeared in NRC?

A- All of my family members’ names appeared in the NRC except me. My husband’s name appeared in NRC along with my Four children, only my name is left out.

Q- Can you recall if anyone misbehaved with you during the time of NRC hearing?

A- No, no one misbehaved with me.

Q- What is your estimated expense for NRC hearing?

A- Nearly 4-5 thousands. I went to Sarupeta by renting a private vehicle, I had to go to Kalgachia also for a hearing.

Q- Have you got help from any NGOs or any other sources?

A- No, I have got help from no one. My husband works a little and I also work in People’s home, thus we take care of our children.

Q- What is your estimated expense for NRC?

A- Around 4-5 thousand, had to manage the money working in people’s homes.

Q- How did your life change after you were declared as a D-voter?

A- My Tension increased, whatever money I get working in people’s homes will have to be used for the purpose of the case, how I will lead my life, how I will take care of my children, I think a lot nowadays.

Q- How has the Corona Pandemic affected you, like in your work?

A- Corona pandemic affected us a lot.

Q- How did you survive during the time of the Corona Pandemic?

A- We got a ration of 4-5 Kg rice from the Government, I also worked in people’s homes sometimes, and we had a very hard time. We had to go through severe hardship along with our Children.

Q- Have you got any assistance from any NGOs or Government sources during the time of Corona Pandemic?

A- No, no one helped us.

Q- Are you vaccinated?

A- Yes, I am vaccinated.

Q- Were you charged for vaccination?

A- No, it was free.